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With an eye for detail and ability to dissect and reassemble photographs like jigsaw puzzles, Dawn Caccavalla breathes life into her artwork with contrasts and variations.

Growing up in Queens, New York, she spent her childhood summers upstate on her family's farm preferring the company of horses to her siblings, and the solitude of the countryside. With a camera in tow for as long as she can remember, creative expression was always a part of her life.

After earning two art degrees, Dawn put her talents to use in New York City developing award-winning corporate identities, marketing brands, websites and print campaigns; worked at an agency stripping down and rebuilding client websites to provide maximum traffic and usability; led the overhaul and redesign of a leading camera company's web presence; and governed the brand for the world’s largest pharmaceutical firm.

For more information on Dawn Caccavalla and her work, please contact her at dc1203@aol.com.